Emerging Media Master’s Program

What is New Media?

The New Media Institute (AKA the NMI) is a new departments that is housed in the Grady College of Journalism. The two main programs that the NMI houses is the New Media Certificate and the Emerging Media Double Dawgs Program.

As the world is increasingly becoming more digital, the importance of learning these skills to be successful in my post-grad career is essential. Outside of learning the ins and outs of these coding languages, I have bettered my soft skills regarding project management, brand development, aesthetics, organization, and problem-solving. 

Through my coursework I’ve completed for the Emerging Media Double Dawgs Program, I have learned the foundational skills for web design, including HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap, and WordPress. Classes in the NMI also encourage me to lean on my fellow classmates for assistance and advice; it is so rewarding to be surrounded by people who all have different interests but one common goal: to gain knowledge and understanding of up-and-coming technology and become better designers, users, and thinkers. 

What is Emerging Media?

In the Emerging Media Master’s Program, I am learning how to apply aspects of design, advertising, public relations, storytelling, and project management to the digital media space. By focusing on the intersection of technology and design, this program is only strengthening my skills as our society progresses more and more into the Age of Technology.

I am gaining expertise in Adobe Creative Cloud applications, Figma, product development, research, digital storytelling, and so much more. Please explore my previous coursework and projects as I document my progress through the program until my graduation in May 2023.

JMRC 7013